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Does Reboot 168 Program have any side effects?  

No. the Reboot 168 Program is not a form of medical treatment so there are no side effect. However there is the process of recovery or transition call "Healing Crisis" or "Recovery Symptom". Base on Dr Berg's medical experience, we will go thru a process call Ketosis during the Reboot 168 program. 

reboot program side effect


Does Reboot 168 program has any science based methodology to support its effectiveness?  

Yes. It is based on the biologist Yoshinori Ohzumi's 2016 Nobel Prize in Medicine on  his research on how cells recycle and renew their content, a process called Autophagy. 



What are the symptoms I may experience during the Reboot 168 program?  

There are a few symptoms experience from day 2 of the reboot program such as headache, muscle cramp, weight loss, short term fatigue, enhance focus and energy, appetite suppression, increase ketone in breath and urine. However symptoms will clear on day 4 usually and you will feel very light and your mind is crystal clear, you will feel like your body is reboot totally.

reboot 168 recovery symptoms


Can this help people with medical conditions?  

Yes. It can help tremendously as Reboot 168 program is facilitating the body to start getting healthy by rebooting it's own natural healing abilities thru the process of Autophagy. At the same time Reboot Lavida provides ingredients for the body to create miracles again.  However, please consult your doctor before starting on the program.

reboot 168 medical conditions

Can children go thru Reboot 168 program?

It depends on their age. Children below the age of 12 years old may not be suitable. However as each individual physical health conditions are different. please consult your doctor if your child has any medical conditions.


What happen to my body during this Reboot 168 program?

Your body's growth hormone will reboot on the 12th hour; and removing of access "stuff" and recycling will start on the 18th hour after you the Reboot 168 program. After 24 hours your stomach stem cells will reboot, and brain stem cells will reboot on the 48th hours. Lastly your immune system stem cells will reboot by the 72nd hour after you started. The whole process will help the body Remove all the unwanted stuff, Repair all the damages and Rejuvenate the whole system and enhance performance.  

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